E. Pavlovskaya, I. Sultanova, O. Maslennikov.
Nizhny Novgorod, Russia.

In 38 patients with diabetes were asked to express their opinion on the above treatment. There were 20 people of the 1st type of diabetes and 18 people of the 2nd one with different degrees of seriousness. The majority of sick people were in the state of decompensation, 22 people (57 %) of them were with some complications. The treatment was by means of intravenous drop injection of the ozone physiological solution and rectum injection O3/O2 of the mixture. The course consisted of 7-10 treatments. During the process of treatment the patients watched considerable improvement of their state: they stopped complaining of being thirsty, dry in a mouth, frequent urination, itch of the skin, numbness and tingling sensation in the tips of hands and feet, convulsions in calves of feet. The favorable mark during the first hours after the end of the treatment was lowering of glucose level of blood to 50 % in comparison with the primary figures before the treatment. At the end of the course glucose level of blood was lowered approximately up to 30 %. Besides, positive dynamics indexes of lipid spectrum, coagulagramme and immunogramme, rising of AOA of blood and lowering of the POL products should be mentioned, in regard to the above treatment. The treatment helped the majority of the sick people to lower a dose of the insuline injected or sugarreduced preparations up to 30 %; in 47 % of cases to achieve compensation, and in 37 % of cases subcompensation of diabetes. The above observation shows that ozone therapy may be used in a complex treatment of people suffered of diabetes and allows to lower doses of the usage of sugar reduced preparations.