Application of ozone in liver cirrhosis.
Hernández J, Llanio R. and Ávila L. (Cuba)

This paper presents the results of 5 years of ozone treatment in patients with liver cirrhosis of different etiologies, using intra-rectal and intramuscular ways of ozone administration. The Cuban ozone generator OZOMED’s equipment was used. A group of 42 patients with liver cirrhosis post alcoholic, autoimmune, cardiac and post virus B and C was taken into account. The gas was applied in cycles of 30 applications three times per year, during the first and second years; two times in the next two years and only one in the fifth-last year. The ozone concentration was 40 mg/L. The results showed the normalization of more than 85 % of the clinical symptoms and signs, haemochemical parameters plus others, since the six months of treatment. Some patients eliminated the virus B or C. Patients increased their health quality. No adverse effects were observed in any patient.