Ozone therapy in senile macular degeneration.
Soto G., Falc—n J., Montesino I. and Soler L. (Cuba)

Taking into account the incidence of senile macular degeneration (SMD) and low efficacy of conventional treatment, the aim of this study is to evaluate the efficacy of ozone therapy in patients with SMD of dry type. A retrospective study was performed in 22 patients assisted at the Ophthalmologic Service of the Medical Surgical Research Center (CIMEQ). Patients were diagnosed through a complete ophthalmologic examination and fluorescent angiography. Ozone was applied by major autohemotherapy (at an ozone concentration of 40 mg/L and 100 mL) and by rectal application (at an ozone concentration of 40 mg/L and 200 mL), during 20 sessions. A high percent of patients (54.5 %) treated were between 6l and 70 years. White race predominate (45.4 %), as well as female sex (68.2 %). The results demonstrated an improvement (with an average of 2 tenths-visions) of their visual acuity in 80 % of the patients treated with ozone. Ozone therapy could be a good therapeutic choise for patients suffering of SMD of dry type.