Multiple Organ Failure evolution in an experimental model of burnt mice treated with ozone therapy, Aloe B and Epidermal Growth Factor.
Montero T., Hurtado J., MenŽndez S. and Berlanga J. (Cuba)

Burn disease is related with sepsis, generalized systemic inflammation syndrome, multiple organ dysfunction syndrome, shock, trauma, etc. Taking into account the therapeutical properties of ozone such as: germicide, immune modulator, antioxidant defense system activator, that of Aloe b as immune stimulator and that of Epidermal Growth Factor (EGF) as a cytoprotector preventing or ameliorating the systemic inflammatory response, a study of the multiple organ failure evolution, in an experimental model of critically burnt mice, using these medications was performed. A paravertebral dry burn model, with 11 % of burn area, in balb/c female mice of ± 20 g, previously anesthetized with ketamine intraperitoneal (ip) was performed. Animals were divided in 6 groups of 24 animals each: group 1, lesion and hydration with 1 mL of intraperitoneal (ip) saline solution 0.9 % after the burn; group 2, as group 1 but maintaining the hydration daily up to 14 days; group 3, hydration after the burn and then treated ip with 15 treatments of aloe b (0.15 mg/Kg in the first week and 0.10 mg/Kg in the second week); group 4, hydration after the burn and then treated with 15 treatments of ozone by rectal administration (ozone concentration - 37 mg/L, volume - 0.9 mL); group 5, hydration after the burn and treated with aloe b and ozone; and group 6, hydration after the burn and then treated ip with EGF (500 µg/kg, in one dose). Euthanasia, by immersion in liquid nitrogen, at 1, 3, 7 and 14 days (with n = 6), was done. The extracted organs (liver, lungs, heart, kidneys, brain) were studied by conventional morphometry. The results showed that in groups 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 and 6 died 75, 50, 54.2, 37.5, 100 and 16.7 % of the animals. Aloe b and ozone produced a lethal combination. Respect to vitality, groups 4 and 6 presented 75 and 79.6 % of the animals, respectively, with an active evolution in comparison with the other groups (0 %). The histological studies demonstrated a higher activity of the lymphatic tissue in the spleen and less liver and kidney damage in the ozone group, respect to the other groups. Groups 1 and 2 presented the higher manifestation of the multiple organ injury. The best results were obtained using Ozone and EGF, immediately after the burn. Both medications were capable to diminish mortality, to upregulate the body response and to decrease or eliminate the multiple organ failure.