Ozone therapy in the malabsorption syndrome secondary to parasitism by Giardia lamblia.
Méndez N.I., Calunga J.L., Menéndez S. and Carballo A. (Cuba)

Intestinal parasitism by Giardia lamblia is a very important health problem. Global statistics report prevalence rates of 2 - 25 %, depending on the countries’ development level and geographic location. In Cuba, the rates are 7 - 15 %. The symptomatology can be an acute phase with diarrhea alternating to constipation, abdominal pain (colic), epigastralgia, flatulence and urticaria. In the chronic phase, diarrhea can be steady, with a severe weight loss, anemia, producing a disordered or inadequate absorption of nutrients from the intestinal tract especially the small intestine, causing the malabsorption syndrome. The efficacy of oral OLEOZON® as antiparasitic therapy for Giardia lamblia has been demonstrated, but in malabsorption syndrome, effectiveness is not so high. Taking into account the beneficial effects of ozone (increase antioxidant defense system, immunemodulator, great germicidal agent, enhance blood oxygenation), the aim of this study is to use oral OLEOZON® in combination with rectal ozone therapy, in patients with malabsorption syndrome. A sample of 186 adult patients, of both sexes, was divided at random in three groups of 62 patients each. Group I, patients treated with metronidazole (1 tablet each 8 h, during 10 days, a week rest and repetition of the treatment) and vitamins (folic acid and intramuscular vitamin B12); group II, patients treated with oral OLEOZON® (20 drops twice per day during 10 days, a week rest and repetition of the treatment) and group III, patients treated with oral OLEOZON® and rectal ozone therapy (ozone concentration of 40 mg/L and a volume of 150 mL, 20 sessions). All the groups received 2 cycles of treatment with an interval of 3 months. Patients were evaluated clinically, by bile drainage and jejunum biopsy, at the beginning and at the end of the treatment. In group III, an improvement of 66 % was achieved; within them, in those early diagnose, 80.6 % healed. In groups I and II the results were 0 and 37 % of efficacy, with significant differences among groups. The combination of rectal ozone therapy and oral OLEOZON® is recommended for the treatment of patients with malabsorption syndrome.