Application of ozone therapy in patients with psoriasis.
Recio E., Rodr’guez M., Harrys C., Cuesta, I. Mapol—n Y. and Rodr’guez J.L. (Cuba)

Psoriasis is a common, genetically-determined dermatitis consisting of discrete pink lesions surmounted by characteristic silvery scaling. Lesions are usually chronic. General and nonspecific measures are utilized to give comfort to the patient, as well as to help control the disease. Taking into account the positive biological effects of ozone, a prospective study about the effectiveness of ozone therapy in patients with psoriasis was carried out in the "Orfilio Pel‡ez Molina" Provincial Center of Retinitis Pigmentosa, of Camagźey Province. The sample was constituted by 130 adult patients, of both sexes, who accepted to participate in this study. Ozone was applied by rectal administration, at a concentration of 48 mg/L and 200 mL, for a cycle of 20 sessions. It was taking into account the symptoms and signs refered, as well as the classification of the psoriasis. Weekly evolutions were carried out during the treatment. The principal results were achieved in the female group, with 65 % of recovery. Signs and symptoms dissapeared, mainly pruritus and eritema. In general, all patients had a satisfactory behaviour, with savings of 1870 pesos, in comparison with conventional therapy.