2do Simposio Internacional de Aplicaciones del Ozono

24 al 26 de marzo de 1997, Ciudad de La Habana, Cuba

O. Maslennikov, S. Budilin, D. Filatov.
Regional Diagnostic Center, Nizhni Novgorod, Russia.

The work presents the results of the treatment with ozone/oxygen mixtures at the Ozone Therapy Department of N. Novgorod Diagnostic Center for a two-year period. The treatment was performed with "Kvazar" ozonators. The followed patients had most common pathologies in clinical practice: atherosclerotic vessels: 38.5 %,

joints diseases :10 %,

gastrointestinal disorders: 20 %,

diabetes mellitus: 4 %.


Ozone therapy was found to be highly effective.

Positive results with double reduction of symptoms were received in

95 % patients with ischemic heart disease,

92 % with brain vessels disorders,

89 % with chronic gastritis,

80 % with gastric and duodenal ulcer,

86 % with osteoarthrosis deformans,

88 % patients with obliterating atherosclerosis of lower extremities

could increase the painless walk distance in no less than 3 times.


Hyperglycemia was reduced in all patients with diabetes mellitus.

On the basis of clinical observations, bichemical, electro and echocardiography data, endoscopic and cytomorphologic tests there were developed treatment protocols in different diseases.


Intravenous injections of ozonated solutions and rectal insufflations in atherosclerotic disorders; minor autohemotherapy, intestinal insufflations and peroral use of ozonated water and oil in gastro-intestinal diseases; intra-articular and subcutaneous infusions of ozone/oxygen mixtures in joints diseases were used. On the basis of long-term observations new programmes of preventive treatment with the use of ozone therapy are being developed for different nosological groups of patients.